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Many of the people that know me generally view me as an optimistic person, and for a while I've tried to keep my blog in a  relatively uplifting point of view. In reality I am someone that feels emotions very deeply and I feel that only posting the positive things going on in my life isn't an accurate representation of me. This page called "thoughts" is dedicated to all my highs and lows. These are my opinions, feelings, poems, and thoughts. 

June 21, 2019

11:33 AM

~You label her 

A slut 

A gossip 

A tease 

And its easy to call her that

Because its just a joke, please 

Or maybe because you've been told she deserves it 

I mean guy after guy, you might as well post it 

But no one seems to care when its you sleeping around 

when its you making those objectifying sounds 

To a girl that was simply just trying to walk by 

But now feels exposed and theres no where to hide 

No one seems to care that we've made a normalcy out of the porn industry 

One that is constantly keeping women in slavery 

And we all just pretend it's ok while the boys look up girls skirts 

"Don't worry, they just haven't learned how to flirt"

And they whistle from their trucks as they go driving by 

Because boys will be boys 

So don't even try 

But speaking out as a girl, I have to confess 

That boys should be held to a higher standard and nothing less

I should be able to go to the supermarket without my mom feeling worried 

I should be able to pump gas without feeling hurried 

Boys shouldn't be boys 

And thats just a fact 

Because they're mistreating girls 

No matter which way its stacked 

June 6, 2019

10:24 p.m

 Poems of light written in the dark 

~Although I may feel so cast aside, 

I know that in reality

I am set apart 


 ~I want my praise to be so frequent 

I never have to hear a rock cry out 


~When your soul feels dark and alone

I hope you force yourself to remember 

Gods vast love for you 

Because there is no dark dark enough 

to hide you from his love


~My soul is more parched than it ever has been before 

and no amount of poetry can fill it 

because their pages fail to contain 

living water 



October 6, 2018   2:25 p.m

 I have learned that without sadness we can not know joy. Without pain that feels as tho shards of glass are slowly piercing your already punctured heart, there would be no effortless smiles to creep across your face. Without a desolate and darkened night there could be no rays of light pouring through your bedroom window, illuminating your once abyssal room. Without first isolation there could be no unity. Because we must know one to know the other. We have to completely feel our darkest times to know when we have made it to the light. And we will make it. I will make it. And I know I will because I’m alone in the dark now which means there’s no where else to go but in the light.  

September 9, 2018   8:50 p.m.

Only Watercolor

Here I am

A canvas marked with poorly erased black lines

And there you are

A paintbrush soaked in water color

And although your vivid strokes seem to brighten up my existence

You are only water color

And if you look close enough

You can still see my faint black lines

November 14, 2017,

10:44 p.m.

 why do we care so  much what people think. I mean honestly if you think about it every human is flawed so their opinions are going to be flawed too. Most people have cruel hearts anyway, so they're not going to see the best parts of you. In fact most people want to overlook the best parts of you because it makes them feel better about themselves. Its easier to love yourself when you perceive everyones flaws as bigger than your own but that toxic mentality is a flaw in itself. People that think like this, miss the best parts of life. They miss out on good friendships and relationships. They miss out on the warm feeling you get when people compliment you because they have too much self doubt to accept it. People like that never get to fully enjoy life because they overthink it so much They'll never be able to accept good things. I feel sorry for that person. And I hope the person I'm describing isn't you.


Sophie J

July 20, 2017 

12:45 p.m 


Theres something about a coffee shop that just makes you feel sure of yourself. Theres a coffee shop on Atlantic avenue that I go to almost everyday. Every time I'm there, all the things I'm worried about seem to come into perspective and my head full of foggy thoughts seems to clear. I think everyone should have a place such as this, a place Where they can go and feel at peace with themselves. The problem is, there are not a lot of places like my coffee house. For most people school is a place full of social gimmicks and narcissistic know its alls who care more about appearing popular than actually being decent human beings. Home is where never ending responsibilities lurk, stress reveals itself, and a place destruction awaits. For some even their mind isn't a place of refuge. The mind is where self doubt and anxiety reside. The mind is where you can run but never hide. However the coffee shop is not like that. The coffee shop is full of different cultures and life styles. Different religions and different politics. In the coffee shop you can be whoever you want; Weather your artistic and creative or smart and rational. The coffee shop is where the athletes can celebrate their big win, where the academic can study together, and where the social outcasts can complain about society. The coffee shop is my safe place. Whats yours? 


Sophie J   

July 15, 2017 

3:00 A.M

 I crave feeling alive. I can't fall asleep at night sometimes thinking about everything that I have to do the next day. But not because I'm worried about it, rather because I'm excited for it. When the next day begins it means that it's a new day for new ideas, new mistakes, new memories, new friendships, and new chances. We can take comfort knowing that new things lie ahead of us the next day. You know those days where a new inside joke is made or a new relationship begins? Those days where everything seems more vibrant and everyone seems less miserable? Those are my kind of perfect days, and I hate when they end. I think thats the reason I love the city so much; because its always so alive. I love the feeling of adrenaline pumping through my veins when I try something new, or the refreshing feeling you get after swimming in the ocean. I love that that feeling of energy while I'm hiking up a mountain or riding my bike under palm trees. I love the feeling I get when I finish a painting or a project that I've been working on. The only way that I can feel all of the things is because I have been given the precious gift of being alive, and those feelings are more precious to me than anything  that I could ever own.


sophie j.


2017 by Sophie J