Chasing Precious moments

December 10, 2017

The title of this post is also the name of my blog. I didn't pick this name because it sounded artsy or because the letter and the font looked cool together. I picked this name because of what it means to me. "Chasing precious moments" is something I've been doing my wh


ole life. In fact its all I do. Ever since my life changed so drastically from when I was younger, chasing precious moments, and saving them, have been so important to me. Every sound of laughter, every smile, every tear shed, every euphoric feeling. I crave all of it, all the time. There are these moments in life where the feeling of happiness and contentment are so vivid that I wish I could stay in the moment forever. These snapshots are like pictures in my head that I almost never stop replaying. Like when My dad took me to a yankees game for my 10th birthday. Walking into that stadium is a moment ill never forget. I'll never forget the drive in movies with my family, or the happiness I felt after competing in my first dance competition, or the excitement I felt the first time I went scuba diving, or the moment when I found Jesus and how real his love became to me. I love watching sunsets from the top of parking garages, I love deep talks in coffee shops, I love laying on the beach and watching the waves, I love hiking to the top of a mountain, I love having sleep overs with my friends, I love watching old black and white movies, I love getting brunch with my friends, I love listening to music while reading my bible, and I love that I've been able to experience all of these moments. After every one I crave more. More laughter, more memories, and more precious moments. 

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