Social Drug

January 27, 2018

Social media is probably the most popular use of internet in the world today. People spend hours on things like twitter snapchat, and Instagram. But whats interesting about social media is that we never look at it for what is actually is, or its purpose. The dictionary definition of social media is "an internet application that allows users to socialize with one another by creating and sharing." In other words its an app that lets you talk to people. But I know when I'm scrolling through Instagram and twitter, I never stop to think about what I'm actually looking at. What peoples profiles actually are. Every persons profile is a collection of their happiest moments, passions, and beliefs, which can be really beautiful but also really self esteem damaging. Sometimes as we browse through their profiles, we'll notice a hint of jealousy creeping into our hearts or maybe we'll see a post that makes us feel left out or rejected. When you think about it, the entire thing revolves around self image. Don't get me wrong, social media can be used for a number of really great things but I think every once in a while to good to unplug and self reflect. We should be confident enough in ourselves instead of comparing our lives to a collection of edited pictures of people on there best days. Our purpose should come from our creator, not from the value 

that other people do or don't place on us and our lives due to our image. 


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