Finding Joy

April 12, 2018


I think that finding joy is something that pretty much everyone wants. Everyone wants to feel loved and accepted. Everyone wants to feel like they’re  attaining success and that they mean something. So what are some things that we associate joy with? For me its laughing with my friends, getting coffee with my cousin, going shopping with my mom, and writing. And maybe for others joy has a completely different meaning. But the problem with all the things I've mentioned is that none of them bring true joy. Only temporary happiness. The difference between the two is that Joy isn't just a temporary feeling. Its an all the time, deep in your heart kind of feeling. its what keeps me floating when my anxiety gets too deep.  And the only thing that keeps it lasting is spending time with the person who knows me best. The ultimate being that created me and made me who I am. The God that wired me to passionate about what I'm passionate about, who knows my ins and outs and understands me. He is what makes being alive worth it. Recently my life has been anything but joyful. Ive been frustrated with the people around me and stressed that my life isnt going where I was planning it to go. Because of that I've been pushing God farther and father away, almost to the point where we barely know each other; and slowly joy has become nothing but a distant memory to me. I explained these feelings and frustrations to my cousin recently and the advise she gave me was everything I needed to hear. She reminded me of the story of David in the Bible. Normally when I think of David, I think of the giant slayer who became kind of Israel. But I forget that the majority of Davids life was quite the opposite. He had his closest friends betray him and try to kill him. He lost his home and his position in the palace. He pretty much lost everything. And God took him with all his broken pieces and all his mistakes and made him kind of Israel. God used Davids loneliness to get closer with him and as that relationship developed, David found Joy in the lord in the middle of nowhere, completely rejected and alone. And the same goes for us. Psalm 16:11 says "you make known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." 





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