Survival of the fittest

June 21, 2018

Survival of the fittest was a concept introduced by Charles Darwin, and although I don't believe that most of what he taught and believed was right, I think this specific topic has some truth to it. When he originally came up with the theory, it applied more to nature rather than culture but I think it's part of the basis of our society today. Think about it. In high school it's all about who you talk to, how smart you are, and where you fit into. If you don't know many people, make mostly C's, and aren't part of a certain crowd, then basically you have failed at that stage of life. Society often feels sorry for those people, or somehow feels that  they are doing them a favor by acknowledging their presence. But what if it was socially acceptable to fail a class and have random friends. What if you could show whatever you were feeling during a moment, instead of tucking it away so as not to receive judgment from others. What if you could spend every day the way you wanted to and weren't confined to a small desk surrounded by narcissists, who think they have life figured out because somewhere along the way they were told that being the prettiest or the smartest was the basis of having confidence. What if you could not only survive by not being the fittest, but thrive. I mean taking every breath like it was your last and loving that you got to even take that breath in the first place. I feel like walking with Jesus is kind of like that. We come to him, so unfit to be in a relationship with him and yet he takes  all our baggage and broken pieces that look as though they're impossible to mend and somehow he picks them up and turns our broken glass into a captivating mosaic that tells a story and has a purpose. He takes the unfit and makes them the "fittest" so that we can not only survive, but thrive. 




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